Vision Councils

Vision Councils are made up of local volunteers, issue experts, and Board members working together to distribute resources and to recognize and address new community issues/needs. There are three Vision Councils, (Education, Income and Health) with approximately 9 members each.

Each council reviews the programs under its category, and access the effectiveness of the program, the accounting practices, and the need for United Way funds. After much discussion, the council will divide up the donations for that particular group and give their recommendations to the Community Impact Committee. After reviewing the funding recommendations, the Community Impact Committee with then take their recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval.

The Three Vision Councils goals:

Education Vision Council

Increase Kosciusko County high school graduation rate by improving kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade reading comprehension.

Income Vision Council

Increase economic self-sufficiency of working Kosciusko County individuals and families by improving the percentage of families above the poverty level and by reducting the housing cost burden.

Health Vision Council

Decrease the Kosciusko County mortality rate and statistics for smoking, obesity and low birth-weight through health education, prevention and rehabilitation.

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