Community Impact

Community impact consists of identifying and solving problems existing in our community. Realizing that no one organization or agency can solve these problems, participants in the community, both private and public sectors, respond with solutions that are both timely and effective.

United Way of Kosciusko County is working to improve our community by focusing on education, income, and health. United Way believes a quality education may lead to a stable job which provides income enough to support a family and provide the best opportunity for good health.

Vision Councils meet each year to review the funding requests for area programs. Program requesting funds are asked to select the United Way category (Education, Income or Health) they address. The program then supplies the necessary documentation of the problems they are addressing, the quantified impact they are having on the community and the future success they envision.

Progress in Education

Regardless of the school corporation a child enters kindergarten in Kosciusko County, the list of what they need to know will be the same. All three in-county school corporations now have a standardized list of "What Children Need To Know Before Starting Kindergarten." The United Way of Kosciusko County has led this effort in partnership with Wawasee, Warsaw and Tippecanoe Valley School Systems. One of the United Way strategies aimed towards education is the kindergarten readiness program.

Progress in Income

There are numerous families and individuals who struggle to make ends meet. United Way of Kosciusko County desires to increase the number of families and individuals that are economically self-sufficient. This goal will be achieved by funding programs that make a difference in employability, family budget management, and family balance. When individuals have the tools and skills necessary to obtain a stable job and learn how to manage their budget, they are better prepared to be financially independent.

Progress in Health

Health is an important factor in the life of our all of our community. The United Way of Kosciusko County is committed to funding programs that show they have improved outcomes regarding the health for our county. We are interested in programs that reduce the infant mortality rate, increase the quality of life through health education, and reduce the incidents of preventable diseases. In viewing problems of health, oral health became an important issue. To address this issue, the Board approved a partnership with the K21 Health Foundation to collaborate on a children's oral health program. This initiative continues to provide dental care for numerous children.

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