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United Way goal for your pledged dollars

United Way uses a minimal amount of each dollar pledged for operating and administration costs. It is the goal of the United Way of Kosciusko County to have 100% of all donors' gifts to go to the programs. This achievement will accomplished by growing the Board's designated investment fund.

Vision Councils monitor the needs and activity of all funded programs

United Way has three Vision Councils with specific focus on Education, Income and Health. Each Vision Council has United Way board members, community members, and issue-experts serving on them. These team members evaluate program details to assure United Way investors that their donations are being used effectively and efficiently in Kosciusko County. Annually the programs are reviewed and the Vision Councils present their funding recommendations to the Community Impact Committee, and then to the United Way Board, for the final funding decisions.

Your United Way donation stays in Kosciusko County

When people donate to a not-for-profit organization, they want to see what their money will achieve. United Way of Kosciusko County uses donated money in this county only unless the donor asks that the donation go to another United Way. It is important that you know that your donation will help your community.

Campaign occurs once each year

It is the desire of the United Way of Kosciusko County not to inundate donors with repeated requests for donations. Therefore, an annual campaign takes place in the fall for donations to be raised. Many employers will fund events during this period to increase awareness of the programs that United Way funds. Employees may receive a pledge form at this time if they desire to give. Our individual donors receive one annual letter also during this time period. That's it. No constant mailings, no solicitation phone calls and no other contact except a thank you card for your donation.

2015 Annual Report

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